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Ludacris gives fans a Therapy Session

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On The Red Light District, Ludacris tells fans that he will drop an album once a year for their sake.  With his fifth LP, he decided that they needed therapy.

Luda’s Release Therapy shows us how much he has evolved, as an artist and as an individual (as if the absence of his trademark braids isn’t enough).  There are the typical Luda tracks, such as his first single “Money Maker” with Pharrell, “Girls Gone Wild” and “Ultimate Satisifaction” with Field Mob but the therapeutic tones of the album comes with the final three tracks.

“I feel like slapping a nigga today” is the hook for “Slap,” a track that every person can relate too.  Each one of us has had days when we just wanted to slap somebody, or as Luda says about bosses, “I feel like killing my boss today…,” just a thought.  Getting socially conscious, Luda addresses child abuse and rape with “Runaway Love,” a track that is beautifully composed with Mary J. Blige.  He ends the album with church, in “Freedom of Preach” with a sermonette by Bishop Eddie Lee Long.

Release Therapy could possibly be Luda’s best album to date.  Therapy, is now in session.


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