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CDreamz’s NFL Power Rankings for Week 4

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Top Five

  1. ravenslogo.gif Baltimore (4-0)   The Ravens are undefeated in the league’s toughest decision, they have to be the best team right now
  2. bearslogo.gifChicago (4-0)  Although they look like the ’85 Bears, they play in the one of the league’s worst divisions.  Looks can be deceiving
  3. coltslogo.gifIndianapolis (4-0)  Once again, another team in a bad division so techinically #2 and #3 could flip-flop…but the Bears look more impressive
  4. bengalslogo.gifCincinnati (3-1)  Even though the Patriots handled the Bengals, they are still one of the premiere teams in a premiere division
  5. falconslogo.gifAtlanta (3-1)  I know no one wants to believe it, but after fours weeks the Falcons are the second best team in the NFC or at least playing like it (overlook the lost to the Saints, couldn’t overcome the emotion of the moment)

Bottom Five

    28.texanslogo.gifHouston (1-3)  Win against Dolphins may be the season changer for Kubiak and the Texans

     29.bucslogo.gifTampa Bay (0-4)  It looks bleek for the Bucs, division is too strong and they’re too far in a hole to make any type of a run

     30.lionslogo.gifDetriot (0-4)  Not even the ‘Mad Scientist’ (Martz) can help the Lion’s win

     31.titanslogo.gifTennessee (0-4)  Maybe with Vince Young at quarterback, the Titans will start making strides…or at least give the fans in Tennessee another reason to say ‘wow’ about besides the score

    32.raiderslogo.gifOakland (0-3)  This team is so bad, I won’t even waste my time writing anything else


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