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There is a saying that old habits die fast; unless they are addictive and then they can become a way of life, habitual.

But there are some habits that you just can’t shake.  These are the ones that grip hold of your body like frostbite, penetrating into your bones like lotion.

Koren Robinson was selected ninth in the 2001 NFL draft by Seattle when he decided that he was through with classes after two seasons of yoking DBs in the ACC while playing backyard catch with Phillip Rivers at NC State.  korenrobinson2.jpgAt 6’1, the Seahawks knew that they were getting a great talent, they just didn’t know that he also carried a great vice.

The substance: alcohol.  The offense: DWI.

Great talent has a way of trumphing bad habits.  Even with his alcoholism exposed, Robinson got a second chance, this one with Minnesota.  And through all of the off the field turmoil the Vikings went through, Robinson was one of the few bright spots, earning a Pro Bowl selection as a kick returner.

His reward: a three year extension worth $12.7 million ($5.5 million guaranteed) and the honor of being named one of the team’s captin.

But on an August night, Robinson’s habitual ways resurfaced.  He was arrested for driving in speeds excess of 100 mph while under the influence.  And just like in Seattle, the Vikings released him.

Being habitual can become addictive.

Nearly two months after that night in Minnesota, Robinson was sentenced to 90 days in jail for violating his probation in drunken driving.  This, after receiving a third chance by the Green Bay Packers.

Great talent can exceed bad habits.  Until the bad habit supersede the great talent.



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