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Sunset over South Beach/The Weekly Blitz

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For the past four seasons, the New England Patriots have been the kings of the AFC East, ruling the division as if it was their kingdom.  But this season, it was suppose to be different.  This season, the king was suppose to be dethroned.  This season, on paper, the Miami Dolphins were to begin a new regime.

But kingship isn’t given on paper.

After a preason of hype in which many publications and experts picked the Dolphins to win the AFC East, they fell to 1-4 after a 20-10 lost to, who else, the Patriots.

The news in Miami is even worse than the misled hype.  Their supposed savior, quarterback Daunte’ Culpepper was demoted to third string behind Joey Harrington (who threw for 232 yards in the lost), and someone named Lemon.

Now the season is still young and the Dolphins still have a chance to make some noise down the stretch.  However, watching the sunset over the ocean is a lot more beautiful.

More NFL Tidbits…

  • The Harder they Fall: The San Diego Chargers beat the defending champs Pittsburgh Steelers 23-13.  The biggest stat of the night is that the Steelers held all-world runningback LaDainian Tomlinson to 36 yards rushing.  They held LT to 36 yards and still lost.  It’s a long fall from the top.
  • The Number One Spot: With the 34-20 lost to the San Franscisco 49ers on Sunday, the Oakland Raiders may have just secured the 1st selection in the 2007 NFL Draft.  Do we have a Quinn or Peterson anybody?

bush.jpgAnd finally: 65 yards and a blur of 25: New Orleans’ 24-21 win over Tampa Bay was sealed when rookie all-purpose back Reggie Bush returned a punt 65 yards for his first career touchdown.  What happened to the coverage?  They blinked.

*Photo courtsey of the Associated Press


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