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What is good for the Goose, is good for the Gator/The Weekly Spread Option

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Editor’s Note: A new column for CDreamz, it is the college football counterpart to the Blitz

On Oct. 7th, the Auburn Tigers was derailed by Arkansas.  Going into Saturday’s game against Florida, there was no way they could beat the 3rd ranked Gators who appears to be headed straight to Glendale, Arizona, by way of Atlanta.

But a Tiger storm may have cancelled their ticket.

Auburn claws pass Florida 27-17, ending the Gator’s dream of the ring.  And in the process, re-grabbing hold of the SEC West.

The lost could also mean the end of an era, the Chris Leak era.  Urban Meyer has been using a two quarterback system with Leak and true freshman Tim Tebow all season.  The staff in Gainsville love Tebow so much that a game such as this would be the perfect reason to start the ‘Boy Wonder.’

And if it happens, it will be the second time a Leak was hosed.leak.jpg

More CFB Tidbits…

  • The Dawgs were bitten…Who would have thought that Georgia would lose to Vanderbilt, in Athens no less?  It snaps a 11-game losing streak against the Bulldogs.  We’ll have to wait another 11 games to see it happen again
  • Hoosiers II…Indiana is known for their heroics on the court, but on the gridiron?  The Hoosiers upset 13th ranked Iowa, 31-28, killing all hopes of the Hawkeyes chances at a Big Ten title.  Now, if they could pull a double whammy and beat Ohio State next week, not even Angelo Pizzo couldn’t have written a better story
  • peterson.jpgPeterson is collered…It wasn’t Iowa State that stopped AD (rushed for 183 yards and two touchdowns) but a broken collerbone that may have ended his college career.  “The only thing right now for a fact that would keep me [at Oklahoma] next year is a major injury.”  Yeah right.

And finally: Toss up, whose better, Duke or Carolina? How low has the Tarheels fallen when the perennial losers of the ACC, the Blue Devils, may be better than you?  We’ll see on Nov. 25th. 

*Photos courtsey of the Associated Press



  1. superstar3 says:

    felt bad for Chris Leak…….like you said perfect reason to bench him…….. but I don’t think that will happen

  2. […] The Florida Gators have not played since the ambush by Auburn on October 14th. Recent commentors agree that Florida will bounce back like a rock; and will fall off the charts by losing to Georgia this weekend. And ahh..let’s not blame the officials this time. […]

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