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Coming Around/The Weekly Blitz

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Last week in the Falcon’s overtime win against the Pittsburg Steelers, quarterback Michael Vick did something he hadn’t done since he was playing at Warwick High in Newport News, Va, throw for four touchdowns.

Then Sunday, Vick followed that performance with a three touchdown passing day in a 29-27 win against the Cincinnati Bengals.

Known more for his ability to outrun defenses than passing through them, Vick went 20 of 28, for 291 yards against the Bengals, after throwing for 232 yards against the Steelers.  Contrary to what the experts believe, Vick has always been a great passer (although the numbers doesn’t support that) it has been the lack of help from the receiving corp that kept Vick’s stats below sea level.vick1.jpg

But now, a receiving corp is forming.  It’s not just tight end Alge Crumpler catching passes, but Lelie, White, Norwood and Jenkins all contributed with three catches against the Bengals with Jenkins helping Crumpler with putting the ball in the endzone after the catch.

Finally, we will begin seeing Vick as the quarterback everyone wants him to be.

And it is because finally, the receivers are coming around.

More NFL Tidbits…

  • Shawne and his Merri-Men…After a week of questions about steriod usage, Merriman got three sacks as the San Diego Chargers ran thru the St. Louis Rams 38-24.
  • Steel going down…How bad is it being the defending Super Bowl champs?  Being 2-5 and lose to the Oakland Raiders 20-13.
  • No Shaun, No Matt, no Dice…Without the reigning MVP (Alexander) and their starting quarterback (Hasselback), Seahawks battle tough but loses to the Chiefs 35-28.

And finally…No matter how great the Broncos’ defense is, they still can’t beat the Colts, losing to them 34-31.


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