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The Scarlet Plague

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When Rutgers came back from a 25-14 halftime deficit on Thursday to defeat a Louisville Cardinal squad 28-25 that looked to be on its way to a National Championship game, it shocked the world. rutgers3.jpg

And it made the BCS sick.

Not because Louisville lost, but because the Rutgers Scarlet Knights are undefeated at 9-0 with the opportunity of running the table, 12-0, and winning the outright Big East title.

For many sportswriters, analysts and experts of college football, speaking the words Rutgers and national championship is blasphemous.  “There is no way,” they will all argue, “that Rutgers is the second best team in the country and deserving to play for the national title.”  How they all forgotten that the Big East is a BCS Conference.

Since the BCS inception in 1998, the Big East, along with the ACC, SEC, Big Ten, Pac-10, Big XII, has been a conference that gets an automatic bid into a BCS bowl.  It doesn’t matter that initially it was for Miami, Va. Tech and BC, who all are now in the ACC.  Can you really penalize Rutgers because the Big East is now trash?  Can they really put a one loss team in the national championship over an unbeaten BCS Conference team?

If Rutgers maintain the course, they have to be in the national title game against the Michigan-Ohio State winner just because the system is suppose to work that way.

And if they aren’t, that is some BS.


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