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Through out the history of sport, no one dominated their sport like 23mj1.jpg (no disrespect to Ruth, Ali, Gretzky, Brown, Payton, Rice or Russell).  And every since MJ called it quits (the first time, not the second), every one has been searching for the next Mike.  From Harold Miner (Baby Jordan) to Kobe to the newly appointed King (who by no accident wears 23), no one has quite filled the Jordan brandmj2.jpg.

That’s because we’ve been looking in the wrong place.  The next MJ doesn’t wear sneaks, he wears cleats.  The next MJ doesn’t shoot ball, he carries it.  The next MJ doesn’t wear 23, he wears 21.

The next MJ doesn’t go by LJ, he goes by LTlt.jpg.

Not since MJ did it during the Bulls six title run has anyone dominated their sport like Chargers’ running back LaDainian Tomlinson has been doing over the past five seasons.

Since 2002 (Tomlinson’s second in the league), LT has amassed 7,059 yards and 78 TDs.  He is the fastest player in NFL history to score 100 career TDs (five were thrown) and the only player in NFL history to rush for over 1600 yards and have 100 catches in the same season (’03 season).

The Chargers are 8-2 with consecutive come-from-behind wins against the Bengals (a 42 point half erased a 21 point deficit) and the Broncos (from 17 down).  And in both victories, Tomlinson accounted for 42 of San Diego’s 84 points scored.  That’s like Jordan averaging 50 in a seven game series.

LT may not go down as the greatest player ever, but he can go down in history as being Jordanesquelt2.jpg.

More NFL Tidbits:

  • D Up…The Indianapolis Colts came into Dallas pure, unblemished, unbeaten but they left soiled, blackened and most importantly beaten as the Cowboys upset the Colts 21-14.
  • One Man Wrecking CrU…One of the league’s best kept secrets is that besides the San Francisco 49ers are 5-5 after their 20-14 win against Seattle but that former Miami Hurricane running back Frank Gore (who rushed for 212 yards against the Seahawks) is second in the league in rushing, with 1,043.

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