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Rewind/The Weekly Blitz

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At the end of three quarters on Sunday, the New York Giants were ahead of the Tennessee Titans 21-0.

But as they stepped onto the field to begin the fourth, time started to rewind.


January 5th, 2003.

The G-Men flies across country to play the 49ers and for most of the game they had been gracious hosts.  Besides great weather in the middle of winter, San Francisco spots the Giants 38 points going into the fourth.

It is here when they decide that they’ve been hospitable enough.  It is here when they pulls the rug from underneath the Giants feet.  It is here when the 49ers runs off 17 straight points.

It is here when the movie skips.


2006, three years later.

Staring defeat right in its eyes, Vince Young tells his teammates and Coach Caroll to hop on his back and ride him like a thoroughbred horse.

After already scoring once, he watches as the chains stretches pass the nose of the football, signaling a lost of downs.  He smiles as the mighty Trojans defense walks back onto the field.  With one final scramble, Young gallops into the end zone, completing the comeback.vycorner.jpg


The Giants’ players blink.  Vince Young blinks.  The movie playing in their eyes is dead along with the clock on the scoreboard.

24-21, the Titans win.gamewinning.jpg

And for the stars of the movie, the game just rewinds.

More NFL Tidbits:

  • LEINing Up…Do you want to know how potent the Arizona Cardinals passing game is?   Quarterback Matt Leinart threw for a rookie record 405 yards, in a losing effort as the Minnesota Vikings pull out a 31-26 win.
  • Patted Down…The Chicago Bears are suppose to be the beast of the NFC, but they continue to get exposed like a Playboy model as the New England Patriots beats the Bears 17-13 in a game were the teams combined for seven turnovers.
  • Flipping Birds…The reason why the 31-13  lost to the Saints made Falcons’ quarterback Michael Vick flip the double bird, nocatch.jpg.

And finally…Dallas coach Bill Parcells gives kicker Mike Vanderjagt the boot, who after the miss in the playoffs a season ago, has not been the same.


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