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  • 244,857 hits

14, 10 and 5.

At first glance, those numbers may not be that impressive, but once you place them on a petry dish and put it under a microscope to analyze it further, you’ll see that 14, 10 and 5 has an atomic make-up of a Big Bang.

14 points (3 of 4 from the field and 8 of 15 from the line), 10 rebounds and five blocks were the stat line for Ohio State’s Greg Oden in the 78-58 win over Valparaiso on Saturday.oden2.jpg

14, 10 and 5 was done in 23 minutes as the most prized 18 year old EVER came off the bench.  These stats were put up two months in advance of a projected return from surgery but one game too late after the #1 ranked Buckeyes lose to potential title contender North Carolina Tarheels on Wednesday night and their big man All-American Tyler Hansbrough.

As the microscope make the numbers clear, you’ll see that the most impressive thing is that Oden did all of this, with a bad wrist, the wrist connected to his natural shooting hand.  He put up 14 points shooting with his off hand.

14, 10 and 5.

The make-up is scary.oden3.jpg


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