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A Look inside Pac’s Life

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It’s been 10 years since Tupac’s death and it’s posthumous album six (excludes Don Killuminati, Greatest Hits, Tupac Resurrection soundtrack, or the two volumes of Rose) that listerners have the opportunity to walk a mile in his shoes, or 13 tracks.

Unlike the previous Pac albums, mother Afeni Shakur produced Pac’s Life instead of opting to allow a super producer the creative reins (like Eminem who produced Resurrection) and unfortnately, the result wasn’t pretty.

There are three tracks on Pac’s Life that will be on continous rotation, the title track with T.I. and Ashanti is a nice combination with the Princess of Hip-Hop & R&B and the King of the South.  The final two tracks are the same song, from two different perspectives.

‘Playa Cardz Right’, the female version has background and lead vocals by Keyshia Cole, a love ballad comparable to other Tupac ballads such as ‘Do for Love.’  Cole’s voice has enough ghetto soulfulness to make the track a classic.  Ludacris brings his smooth witicism to the male counterpart of ‘Playa Cardz’.  Besides ‘International’ with Nipsey Hussle, there aren’t any other tracks that stand out.

Despite having other guest appearances by Snoop Dogg, Bone Thugs-n-Harmony, Chamillionaire, Young Buck and the Outlawz, Pac’s Life is the worst Tupac album since Thug Life

Tupac may have left a legacy of music behind, but if this album is any indication, the crates are running on E.


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