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Hip Hop can be many things to many different people-I believe Hip Hop is a way of life expressing elements of urban community.         -Jade


On Tuesday, Nas released his album, Hip Hop is Dead and it raised an interesting question, ‘Is hip hop truely dead?’

Hip hop originally began in the streets of Bronx, New York during the 70s.  This was when hip hop was pure, just DJs on turntables hiphop1.jpgbattling against one another.  MCs on mics spitting rhymes like street corner ministers.

It was hip hop when the Sugarhill Gang’shiphop2.jpg “Rapper’s Delight” became a Top 40 hit.

But it became rap when it got gangsta.

Gangsta rap formed in the 90s and has gradually grown into mainstream pop culture like a cancer cell, taking over everything in its wake.  Rap has developed into its own culture with its own language (popularizing terms and phrases such as phat and iced out), clothing (Apple Bottom and Sean John) and ideologies (bitches ain’t shit but ho’s and tricks).  And like cancer, rap killed hip hop.

Rap music is alive and strong.  Each region bringing its own flava to the industry.  Night clubs has turned rap music into a competition to who can create the hottest beats.  Bling, blinging has transformed lyrics into poorly written rhymes about material possessions (Does your chain hang low; does it wobble to the floor?).

Gone are the times when hip hop wasn’t about beats and how many rides you have.  Gone are the times when lyrics were formulated like art, like poetry…

I’m different, so don’t compare to another, cause they can’t hang, word to the mother.  At least not with the principal in this pedigree, so when I roll on you rappers, you better be ready to die because you’re petty, you’re just a butter knife, I’m a machete…Try to front, so I can chop into your body, just because you try to basing, Friday the 13th, I’mma play Jason.kane4.gif

 Gone is hip hop; leaving ghosts such as artists like Common, Mos Def, The Roots and Lupe Fiasco to remind us of a time that once was like the skeletal remains of dinosaurs.

Hip hop has died, faded to the noise that is rap music.


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