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Perplexed/The Weekly Blitz

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chrisweinkelg.jpgIn 2ooo, Florida State quarterback Chris Weinke, after throwing for 4,167 yards and 33 touchdowns won the Heisman Trophy.  That’s nice but I was perplexed that he won the Heisman over LaDainian Tomlinson who was the most unstoppable player in college football that season (Weinke won because of 1)TCU lost A game, and 2)FSU played for the National Championship).

Six years later, Weinke has only started 18 NFL games, while LT is being considered as possibly the greatest.

I am perplexed that even though Weinke hasn’t shown Panthers’ fans absolutely nothing since he was drafted to Charlotte that the organization keeps him around, releasing former University of Pittsburgh quarterback Rod Rutherford who outshined and outplayed Weinke in the preseason.  So it wasn’t surprising that John Fox and his coaching staff decided to run the football 52 times against Atlanta Sunday because of Weinke’s statuesque movements in the pocket which allowed him to be sacked three times and hurried numerous others.weinke1.jpg

The most perplexing thing of all?  The Falcons lost to him, 10-3 and kissing their playoffs chances farewell.

More NFL Tidbits…

  • The Young Season…It’s no coincidence that the Tennessee Titans have won six straight and is lurking behind everyone in the Wildcard hunt.  Rookie quarterback Vince Young threw two touchdowns and rushed for another as he brought the Titans back for the fourth time this season in a 30-29 win over the Bills.  VY is a winner, plain and simple.
  • Indy’s Cloudy DAY-ne…Jacksonville gave the league a blueprint into how to beat Indianapolis but who would have known that Houston would run it to Jay-Z-like precision?  Two weeks after Jaguars’ Jones-Drew rushed for 166 yards, Texans running back Ron Dayne rushed for 153 yards and two scores as the Texans blind side the Colts, 27-24.

And finally…Congratulations to Falcons’ quarterback Michael Vick for surpassing the 1,000 yard rushing mark, making him the first quarterback in NFL history to do so.


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