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New Year Resolutions

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Editor’s Note: As 2006 come to a close, CDreamz will like to wish everyone a Happy New Year as I close the year’s final column by giving you my New Year resolutions (don’t blame me if the resolutions are broken, who keeps theirs anyway?)

1)  Plus One: For the first time ever, the BCS instituted a “plus one,” a national championship game after the traditional four BCS bowls are played, allowing a team such as Boise State to play in the BCS

  • New Year Resolution-A plus one is great…only if it follows a playoffs

2)  A Nugget of an Answer: A.I. wanted out, Philly gave him his wish.  Now Iverson is in the Mile High city, with Melo and coach George Karl.  There maybe magic in the air.

  • New Year Resolution-Iverson will cement his legacy with a NBA championship and telling Philly GM Billy King to kiss his entire ICE! (wait til ’08 to see if this resolution comes true). 

3)  Mo Money, Same Problems: Beginning in January, the minimum wage goes up from $5.75 to $6.50.  America, get a grip.

  • New Year Resolution-We are using billions of dollars on an irrelevent space program and to continously send bodies to a desert slaughterhouse (talking about the Middle East) instead of taking care of home.  The minimum wage should be $9.15.  Even those working at a minimum wage job need to live too.

4) Duped: “We are winning the war on terrorism,” “We will be sending more troops to Afghanistan,” blah, blah, blah.  It’s amazing how we, as Americans, believe everything President Bush tells us, although he continues to tell us nothing but lies.  Making all of us dopes.

  • New Year Resolution-The next time Bush opens his mouth, treat him like Charlie Brown’s teacher, ‘wah, wah, wah, wah, wah.’

5) A New Chapter: On December 26th, I began work as the new sports writer for The Daily Dispatch in Henderson, North Carolina, meaning that this site will not be updated as frequently as previously before.

  • New Year Resolution-This one is personal.  I vow to be the best sports writer I can be in hopes to excell in my career.  And I will try to do my best to keep CDreamz as fresh as possible for ’07, as I did in ’06.

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