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Just isn’t right

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It’s the eve of the National Championship game but something just doesn’t feel right.

Oh yeah, there is excitement.  There is excitement for the alumni, students and fans in Gainsville for their first title shot in a decade.

There is excitement in Buckeye Nation and Jim Tressel, who will be vying for his second title in six yearstressel2.jpg.

But for the rest of the nation, there is no buzz.  We know that the climax of the 2006 college football season is upon us but it’s like a turkey with no dressing, no filling.

It is widely agreed without a flicker of doubt that Ohio State is the consensus number one.  There is no question that the Buckeyes should be playing Monday night.  However, ever since the BCS released its final standings and placed Florida over Michigan, stomachs turned.

Many called for an Ohio State-Michigan rematch because the Wolverines only lost by three in Columbus so what would they do on a neutral field?

Decent argument until Dwayne Jarrett and USC slapped them around in the Rose Bowl 32-18.  But surely the Trojans aren’t the second best team in the country, they had two losses within the Pac-10.

So, Florida is in the championship game by the process of elimination.  Kinda, sorta, but not really.  The Gators deserve to be playing Ohio State for the right to be named the best team in the nation.

That was until the Fiesta Bowl and 13-0 Boise State beats mighty Oklahoma in an overtime classicboise.jpg.

That’s the feeling.  The feeling that you know something is wrong. 

The Buckeyes are playing in the right game, just the wrong team.


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  1. Matt says:

    Boise State may have gone 13-0, but without playing quality opponents, the edge still goes to Florida. The Gators went 12-1 playing in the toughest country in the nation. Sure, Boise State beat Oklahoma in what was arguably the most thrilling college football game in the last 20 years. However, let’s be honest. This is not the same Oklahoma team as the glory days of Josh Heupel. The Sooners were 11-2 headed for the Fiesta Bowl, and didn’t exactly play the world’s toughest schedule to get there. Not to mention, even though they pulled it out in overtime, Boise State choked away a gigantic second half lead in the game. 13-0 is a great accomplishment, but there’s just no way Boise State is more worthy of a shot at the national title than Florida.

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