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A Quite Frank Farewell

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On January 11th, ESPN cancelled Stephen A. Smith’s Quite Frankly, ending the two year run of one of sports media most boisterous personalities.stephen_a_smith.jpg

This column isn’t about Stephen A., the New York kid who got his schooling from Winston-Salem State in North Carolina after receiving a basketball scholarship.  Neither is it about the ‘Philadelphia Inquirer’s NBA columnist who made every appearance on ‘SportsCenter’ count until he became a permanent fixture on ESPN’s NBA telecasts as an analyst.

This column is about the show.

The show that brought you a crying Allen Iverson on the first episode and former 76ers coach Larry Brown, whose comments on the same show (different episode) made Iverson shed those tears.ai2.jpg

The show brought you guests from Senator John McCain to Donald Trump, from Steve Harvey to the Wayans Brothers (Shawn, Marlon and Damon), from Vivica Fox to Judge Glenda Hatchett, who both were featured on the show’s ‘Front Page Panel.’

The brought you legends from Lawarence Taylor to Pete Rose to Larry Csonka. But most importantly, the show brought you an alternative.  And although the format was similar to Rome is Burning, it gave us something different; an African American hosting his own sports show that uniquely blended urban vernacular with topics and personalities beyond sports.

As comical as ‘Screamin’ A.’ was at times, that is what made the show.  The show was a reflection of him, a reflection of the depth that sport writers carry.

So I bid adieu to Quite Frankly like only Stephen A. would:

“This is my house, and I’m saying goodbye.”


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  1. C-Rob says:

    I’m gonna miss Quite Frankly…

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