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God’s gifts have no boudaries

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Editor’s Note: This column first appeared in the Sunday, February 4th edition of The Daily Dispatch.

6-1, 6-2.

These are not Saturday’s Pick Four lottery drawings, but they are the set scores of Serena Williams’ mauling of Maria Sharapova in the finals of the Australian Open.sw1.jpg

For the most dominant female tennis player of this era, it was another day at the office. But to many outsiders, mainly the media, what Serena did during the tournament was otherworldly.

Just because she went on a two-year hiatus from tennis.

And because of that, Serena was suppose to be out of shape when she stepped on the courts in Melbourne. There is no way an athlete can be away from their sport a prolonged period of time and dominate, not even a fat Serena Williams.


“You know, it just looks like I’m not fit. I don’t care if I didn’t eat for two years, I still wouldn’t be a size 2. No matter how slim I am, I’m always going to have this and that,” Williams told Bonnie DeSimone of

“We’re living in a Mary-Kate Olsen world. I’m just not that way, I’m…bootylicious, so to say.”

Oh, so they meant phat.

Serena hasn’t been the only athlete to be away from their sport and comeback “out of shape” to still look sharp.

Just last season, Marion Jones returned to track and field after spending a little over a year out because of maternity leave. And although she wasn’t dominate, we saw flashes of the ’04 M.J.

Speaking of M.J., Jordan came back to basketball after his stint with the baseball Barons and almost led the Bulls to the cusp of the NBA playoffs, wearing No. 45 no less.

Even Mike Tyson came back from a five-year prison stint to punish his first two opponents tyson3.jpg(right before losing two to Evander Holyfield, including taking a bite of Holyfield’s ear).

The lesson we should learn from these athletes is that God gave them a gift to be extraordinary sportsmen, a gift that neither time or conditioning can take away.

Just as He has given each and everyone of us that gift, that talent.

I am blessed with the gift to bring you sports through the written form.

Reverend Martin Luther King, Jr. was blessed with the gift to lead millions.

Elvis Presley was blessed with the gift to entertain millions.

Richard Pryor was blessed with the gift to make us laugh.

Marilyn Monroe was blessed with the gift of beauty, to be adored and admired by men and women alike.

No matter how miniscule your God-given talent is, even if it just to simply make someone smile, it is your gift; use it to the fullest.

Before your time, and your conditioning, comes to an end.


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