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The Weekly Blitz-The Draft Edition

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The 2007 NFL Draft was held this past weekend and CDreamz will give you some of the Who, What, Why and How of the draft.

Who: Is really JaMarcus Russell?  The No.1 overall pick of the Oakland Raiders was a relative no-name when the ’06 season began but his stock rose as did LSU as they became one of the best teams in the country at season’s end.  Now, will he become Ryan Leaf, Peyton Manning or Daunte Culpepper? (Take into consideration that he is playing for the Raiders.)

What: Was Detroit thinking passing up Brady Quinn for Calvin Johnson?  True Johnson may be a “can’t-miss,” but their needs is at QB, not WR, although Roy Williams doesn’t have any help with both Mike Williams and Charles Rogers gone.  But what good is a receiver if there isn’t a quarterback to throw to them.  (No knock on Jon Kitna by any means, but following the Lion’s pattern, Johnson was a lock at No. 2)

Why: Did Quinn drop to No. 22 to Cleveland when both the Lions and the Dolphins are in more of a need of a quarterback?  I guess they are waiting for Brian Brohm brohm.jpgfrom Louisville.

How: Did Troy Smith get drafted and not Chris Leak when the last time I saw the two, Leak was holding up the National Championship trophy and Smith was spectating the celebration like the rest of us?  Oh yeah, Leak is a midget with a suspect arm negelecting the fact that he wins.

Who: Is the other Bush at running back that the Raiders drafted in Round Four.  If it wasn’t for his broken leg, Michael Bush would have probably been the second running back chosen behind Adrian Peterson.  Quiet as kept, Bush will be starting behind Russell by Week Six, giving Oakland a potentially nice combination in the backfield.

What: Were the Panthers doing passing up on Tight End Greg Olsen?  True,  linebacker may have been a need but don’t you think Steve Smith would have appreciated having someone else to catch the ball, especially one who could spread the defense much like Alge Crumpler does for the Falcons?  They drafted Dwayne Jarrett, that was nice but they’re still short at safety.

Why: Didn’t Tennessee draft any help for Vince Young?  Michael Griffin is an instant starter but nobody will be going to Titans’ games to see defense, they want to see VY put points up.  Ted Ginn, Jr. was gone but you could have at least gotten Robert Meachem from Tennessee (who was drafted by the Saints), Kenny Irons, Bush or somebody. Want to know why the Madden cover jinx works?  Look at the Titans’ draft.

How: Is the GM, coaches, scouts and anybody else involved with the draft process in Tennessee can have a job after that weekend?


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