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Pat and Charley

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Charley: “Yo, Pat?”

Pat: “Yeah?”

Charley: “You noticed that a lot of people don’t use us anymore?”

Pat: “What are you talking about Charley? Humans can’t survive without us.  We take them every where.  From the bedroom to the kitchen, from the house to the mailbox, through malls, resturants, jobs, parks…”

Charley: “No, no.  I’m talking about how it use to be, before cars.  Those were the days.  We were their only reliable mode of transportation.  We use to carry them for miles each day as they traveled back and forth from school or town.”

Pat: “Yeah but we were dog gone tired after all of that carrying.”

Charley: “But as soon as everyone was able to afford cars, we became less important.  People rather drive than walk nowadays.  They can’t even go a block without picking up their car keys.”

Pat: “It’s the changing of the times.”

Charley: “Have you noticed the price of gas? gas.jpgThree, four, five dollars a gallon.  Gas prices rise faster than the heat index in summer.  And I’m happy.”

Pat: “Why?”

Charley: “Because we’ll be back in business.  The higher the price of gas, the higher the chance that people will put down the keys and begin using us again.  Like old times.  Man, I can see it coming.”

Pat: “I can feel it too.”


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