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It’s not the size of the dog in the fight but the size of the fight in the dog.

And for the owner’s sake, they hope that the fight is economy size, like $40,000 worth. Like the amount that Falcons quarterback Michael Vick supposedly put down on pit bull dog fights.pitbull.jpg

Since, you know, he’s a heavyweight in the sport.

Every since a house owned by Vick in Virginia was raided in April and 55 pit bulls and dog fighting equipment was confiscated, an investigation has been going on to more or less convict Vick instead of finding the truth, which may lead to his innocence.

The investigation may have slowly drifted away like dandelions in a spring breeze until a police informant told ESPN’s Outside the Lines that Vick (among 30 other professional athletes) is a regular among dog fighting rings.

“He [Vick] is a pit bull fighter,” the informant said emphatically on OTL. The informant even said that Vick was fighting and betting on dogs in 2000, while he was still at Virginia Tech.

That raises a question for me. Where does a college athlete get thousands of dollars to wager on a dog? If Hookie boosters are that generous, I ran track at the wrong school.

Honestly, it is conceivable that Vickvixk2.jpg, or somebody in his family, was dog fighting. Just like it is conceivable that Roy Jones, Jr. raised his chickens at his home in Pensacola to cock fight. And despite Clinton Portis’ endorsement, “If he wants to dog fight, that’s his business,” and the government’s enforcement by making it a felony, Vick is joining Commissioner Goodell’s increasingly large dog house.

But who knows? Maybe Vick can get thrown a bone.


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