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His crowning moment

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Now there arose a new king over Egypt, which knew no Joseph-Exodus 1:8

May 31 was Biblical.

Egypt-The National Basketball Association Playoffs/The Palace of Auburn Hills

Joseph-The Detroit Pistons

The New King- LeBron James

In one game, LeBron went from LBJ to His Highness.

Every since James entered the league as part of the dying breed (high school turned pro), we’ve bee waiting for the day when he earns his crown as the next G.O.A.T.  When he finally replaces MJ from the consciousness of the NBA.

And in Game 5 of the Eastern Conference Finals, he may have done just that-even if for a moment.

James put his team on his back scoring 48 points against the Pistons in a 109-107 double OT win like someone was controlling him with PS3 stics in a game of Live, not only draining the life out of himself (“I’m tired,” he said at the post-game press conference) but the life out of the Pistons too (Cleveland won Game 6 98-82).

Now King James has to lead his disciples into Pharaoh’s land once more and this time, it’s for something bigger.

LeBron has already been crowned; now he has to take the throne.


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