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“Some of the grisly details in these filings shocked even me, and I’m a person who faces this stuff every day,” said John Goodman of the Humane Society.

How shocking?

How about John Coffeycoffey.jpg shocking as in if you lose, you will be electrocuted. So every pit bull that has fought for Mike Vick did not know that as they marched into the battle ring that they were marching down the Green Milegreenmile.jpg.

Vick, along with three others, was indicted Wednesday for ‘knowingly sponsoring and exhibiting an animal fighting venture,’ and conducting a business enterprise involving gambling, buying, transporting and receiving dogs for the purpose of an animal fighting venue.

The indictment came down in Richmond, Va. where the courts are known as ‘Rocket Dockets’ for their speedy trials. And, what’s wrong with that? We, Americans, have the right of a speedy trial; all states need to find out what Richmond does and adopt it. No one needs to wait three or four months before a trial, including Vick.

The faster Vick goes to trial, the better off he, the Falcons’ organization and Commissioner Goodell will be. Because the faster a conviction comes down on Vick, the sooner it can get past us, for better or for worse. And a conviction will mean one of two things: exoneration and back to the grind for the ‘Birds’ in the Dirty or prison and a No. 1 pick in drafts to come.

And for all the animal lovers who are reading this, please log off now because the following words will upset you.

I am not condoning, I repeat, I AM NOT condoning what Vick allegedly did. I will never condone any activity that will result in anyone going to prison but since when has cruelty to animals been more important then cruelty to humans? I could spend more time killing an animal than I would murdering a fellow man?

Murdering a police dog will give you a longer sentence than murdering a pregnant woman. There are police brutality cases all the time were the officers NEVER get any time.

And you get six years for dogfighting? There are more important issues that we have to deal with than who fights a dog.

Like troops being killed in Iraq perhaps?

As an athlete, Vick should have ended his dogfighting days when he was drafted No.1. Now, the next number he will be wearing may still contain a 1, but it will also begin with ‘Inmate No.xxxxxxxxxx.’


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