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Philly: The city that shows brothas no love

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A few weeks ago, I saw a report that Pennsylvania is having difficulties passing a restrictive gun law. So I asked my father, a long time Philly native his opinion.

“Why would they pass a gun law?” I know exactly his point.

The obstacle that is standing in the legislation’s way are the hunters of the state of Pennsylvania who need their weapons for hunting. However, the ones who are doing the hunting are blacks and their targets-other blacks.

According to the 2004 Census, Philadelphia has the fourth largest black population in the U.S. with 43.2 percent of the city being occupied by blacks and 22.9 percent of the population are below the poverty line. Combine those two factors in a bowl, mix them up and you have the highest homicide rate of any city in America with 28 murders per 100,000 people.

242 have been committed already in ’07.

Philly is in a tragic state; blacks in Philly are under a cataclysmic condition. In my column, “The New Ku Klux,” I wrote about how us as a people are self eradicating ourselves but what is happening on the streets of Philadelphia is closer related to genocide. No one is immune; of the 406 homicides committed in ’06, 15 were to people 60 and over while 34 murders involved children 17 and under. And it is the slaying of the children that is prompted talks of a city wide gun restriction law.

But the sad reality is it isn’t going to matter much in the end. Because as long as blacks continue to kill off their own people, society will persist to turn a blind eye to the Philadelphia crisis.

What’s the best way to eliminate a group of people? By letting them eliminate themselves, like they are in Philly.


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