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Kanye West’s goal to release G.O.O.D. music into the otherwise dead hip-hop industry is continuing to be a success with the latest release from his label.

How will Common follow up one of the most critically acclaimed hip-hop albums in years? By giving you the next critically acclaimed hip-hop album in years with Finding Forever.

Kanye and Common stuck with what made Be a classic by mirroring it with Forever like “The Corner” with “The People,” “Go” with “I want you” and “Chi-City” with “Southside” which features Kanye. “U, black maybe” is an updated version of the Motown throwback “Black Maybe” written by Stevie Wonder and that voice on the hook, Bilal.

And the man who brought you “Brown Sugar,” “Lady” and “Untitled: How does it feel?” returns in “So far to go” as D’angelo sings the hook. Close your eyes and listen closely, you may even hear remnants of Ron Isley. “The game,” one of two singles from the LP, is a throwback to hip-hop’s golden age of scratching, beats and ill flows, I never kiss the ass of the masses, I’m the black molasses thick and elastic.

The C-O-double M-O-to the N is the synonym for fresh, as in a breath of fresh air, as in it’s great to have real hip-hop for a change.

Let the show begin.


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