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Fall from Kingdomship, how black men fueled interracial dating

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I love black women.

They are strong, exemplified by the number of single mothers holdin’ down a family while working two sometimes three jobs. By the grandmothers who are able to carry communities on their backs.

They are beautiful (most anyway) from the redbones to the dark chocolates, from the slim model sistas to the curvaceous stallions (may also be known brickhouses).

They are queens (like Nefertiti) and they are the mothers of this country. What would the slave masters have done without their Negro mammies cooking for them and feeding their children, sometimes even by their own breast. Women were created from the rib meaning that they will stand by your side.

When there is someone to stand alongside.

And that’s where black men have dropped the ball. As a gender, black men have not been there for black women to support. Everywhere black women turn, the absence of black men is prevalent-on college campuses (women outnumber men 36.5 to 26.5) to the streets where women outnumber men something like 3 to 1.

Factors such as incarceration and death are one thing but when black women begin losing black men to white women then it becomes a whole different situation.

There is a stigma associated with successful black men, athletes mostly, that once they become rich, they disregard the gold diggin’ black women for the more timid blonde. And it doesn’t help when you see Tiger Woods and Michael Strahan with their blonde beauties. But on the flip side, Jordan stayed true to his blackness (sort of) by sticking with a sista.

Now more black women are following the precedent set by their male counterparts. From 2000 to 2006, the number of black wife/white husband increased by 22,000. Black women aren’t just looking for a good BLACK man, they’re just looking for a good MAN-period.

I’ve always believed that there is someone for everyone and I will always promote happiness but I also believe in togetherness and unity which more black families can help do.

Black men, can we please stop following the order set by society and become the men that black women want us to be? And black women, your black king is coming-eventually.



  1. Judy says:

    First, let me point out that I have NEVER had a bad relationship with a black man and no one can ever truthfully say that I have. My first husband was a black man and we had such a loving relationship (though different goals) until I definitely wanted to remarry. I’ve NEVER had a bad relationship with any man, for that matter. My ex-husband is actually one of my best friends and I’ve remained friends with my ex-boyfriends. So I’m not an angry, mean black woman, though some black men in cyberspace have tried to portray me as MRS. HITLER because of my efforts to remove the shackles from the brains of so many black women. LOL!

    I am in an interracial relationship with a guy outside of my race. oh,,,, guys, you can not image what I have met. I am a black cuttie girl and I just met my love half year ago and we will get married next month, and interracial love of course. Am I lucky? So lucky I think, and I wanna share my happiness with all of you here.

    By the way, I found my half part baby on a great interracialchats site. He is really gorgeous, even sometimes he is a little shy. -:) If you try, you also can be the next lucky one. LOL. Bye!! and good luck to you all.

  2. jessica says:

    As some of you know may know, I’m of Africa heritage. Hubby, on the other hand, is Caucasian. To most people, we’re an interracial couple. It’s nothing I really think about or notice, but other people (occasionally) comment on it.

    As a result, I’m fairly sensitive to interracial dating. And I recently discovered, an interracial dating website for men and women who are specifically looking for an interracial relationship. The site features people of all ethnicities, ages and socio-economic backgrounds, and it allows you to search by zip code for interracial personals.

    The user friendly site allows members to send messages to potential dates, and you can join for free. The profiles include plenty of information, such as age, marital status, children, pets, music and movie preferences, political views and more. With this much information, it’s easy to find someone who could be a great romantic match for you!

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