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Battle of the beats

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I read something interesting Sunday.

50 Cent, real name Curtis Jackson, said in an interview that if Kanye West sells more albums then he does, both 50’s Curtis and Kanye’s Graduation will be released Sept. 11, then he will NOT make anymore solo albums.

That’s like telling Michael Jordan NOT to make any more shoes; it isn’t going to happen. Just like the Jordan Brand will forever make $130 sneakers, 50 will continue to drop solo albums because he will always sell more than Kanye. And not because his album is necessarily better, it’s because 50 is more popular then Kanye.

Let’s call it street cred.

I have the two previous albums from both artist and although 50 has out sold Kanye, Kanye has the much better overall product. Here is an album by album breakdown.

Get Rich or Die Tryin’
1) 21 Questions
2) In Da Club
3) Wanksta
4) P.I.M.P

College Dropout
1) All Falls Down
2) Jesus Walks
3) The Workout Plan
4) Slow Jamz
5) Through the Wire

Other Hot Tracks:
Get Rich
1) Patiently Waiting
2) If I Can’t
3) Don’t Push Me
4) Many Men

College Dropout
1) We Don’t Care
2) Get Em High
3) Breathe In, Breathe Out
4) Family Business
5) Spaceship

Substance: Get Rich is filled with nice beats but lyrically is a typical street life album of killing and drug use; ’21 Questions’ shows 50 humorous side with the line “I love you like a fat kid love cake…” College Dropout doesn’t quite match-up beat wise but outshines Get Rich lyrically; West has many great lines, like in ‘All Falls Down,’ “She couldn’t afford a car so she named her daughter Alexis;” ‘Jesus Walks’ even got West critical acclaim from the Gospel sect.

The Verdict: 50’s hype is comparable to LeBron James when he first entered the NBA, well deserved. However, Dropout is the more easy-listening and entertaining of the two. Overall, Dropout edges Get Rich by inches.

The Massacre
1) Candy Shop
2) Just a lil’ Bit
3) Disco Inferno
4) Outta Control
5) Hate It or Love It

Late Registration
1) Diamonds are forever
2) Gold Digger
3) Touch the sky
4) Drive Slow
5) Heard Em Say

Other hot tracks:
The Massacre
1) A Baltimore Love Thing
2) Ryder Music
3) Build you Up
4) God Gave me Style
5) So Amazing

Late Registration
1) Hey Mama
2) Roses
3) Bring me Down
4) Addiction
5) Celebration

Substance: Massacre shows 50’s growth as an overall artist and although there are more street tracks like ‘I’m Suppose to Die Tonight,’ ‘Piggy Bank’ and ‘Ski Mask Way,’ he shows his creativity with a great concept song in ‘A Baltimore Love Thing,’ his romantic side with ‘Build you Up,’ and his gratefulness to God with ‘God gave me Style…’ Registration isn’t as beat heavy but the overall music is an upgrade from Dropout. Kanye is back with his lyrical delivery  although sometimes quirky as in ‘Roses,’ “So many aunties we could have an auntie team” but his messages are outstanding-

“Magic Johnson got a cure for AIDS and all the broke motherfuckers pass away, you’re telling me if my grandmother played in the NBA right now she’ll be O.K.?”

The Verdict: The Massacre has some dead time, tracks that I simply can’t listen to like tracks 1-6, and 15-17. Whereas with Late Registration, I can basically listen to it from beginning to end (disregarding the skits). The Massacre is better than Get Rich but Late Registration is three-times better than The Massacre.

My cousin asked me whose album I would buy first on 9/11. The cop-out answer I gave was both but if I was down to my last $20 and had to decide on one, I’ll chose Kanye.

I’ll take substance over matter any day.


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