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There’s nothing like the opening weekend of the NFL and CDreamz has it covered with season two of The Blitz.

This entire off-season, the biggest on-field news has been the New England Patriots. For years, the Pats had been winning with second rate receivers. So what they do, revamp the entire receiving corp, with the biggest signing coming of way by Oakland with Randy Moss. And with no snaps during the preseason, how will Moss look in the Patriot’s system?

Nine catches for 183 yards and a 51-yard touchdown that saw three Jets’ defenders pulling on his tail as he ran past them in New England’s 38-14 win over the Jets.

What about Brady? 297 yards and three touchdowns. Next up for the Pats, San Diego.

And speaking of the Chargers: San Diego defeated the Chicago Bears 14-3 despite the fact that the ‘anointed one,’ LaDainian Tomlinson, who was held under 30 yards rushing (he did throw and run for scores). It was definately a battle of the league’s two premier defenses, with the Bears committing four turnovers and a combined 465 total yards.

Running TITAN-cally: In the Tennessee Titans 13-10 win over the Jacksonville Jaguars, the Titans rolled up 282 rushing yards, led by Chris Brown’s 175 yards. Which off-set, kinda, the minuscule 68 yards passing. Madden curse? Nope; bad receivers.

One down, nine to go: Another story from the off-season, Detriot’s quarterback Jon Kitna predicted that the Lions will win 10 games which, in the NFC, could mean playoffs.

After giving up a 17-point lead to the Oakland Raiders, Detriot held on for a 36-21 win for win No. 1. As for Kitna, he threw for 289 yards and three touchdowns. To make a bold prediction, you better back it up.

And finally… Chad Johnson, a.k.a. Ocho Cinco, gave us all a reminder of how good he is Monday night when he dawned the yellow coat for his celebration after his touchdown in the Bengals 27-20 win over the Baltimore Ravens. Showing us that the Hall of Fame is just around the corner for him.


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