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After dropping the first two games at home, Michigan’s running back Mike Hart guaranteed a win this past week.

O.K., so the Wolverines were playing Notre Dame but they backed up Hart’s statement with a convincing 38-0 victory over the Irish. And once again, Notre Dame’s offense remains missing.

The Irish managed only 79 total yards of offense, with Superboy Jimmy Clausen going 11-for 17 and 74 yards. And Charlie Weis dropped to 0-3.

Said Weis, “We’re starting training camp tomorrow (Sunday). Obviously, after three games, this team is headed in the wrong direction. The only way I know how to fix that is to go back to the start of training camp and start swinging.”

And maybe start tackling, passing and running.

Bluegrass Music: Was a sad, unexpected song for Louisville as Kentucky upset the Cardinals, 40-34.

There was a combined 927 total yards with Brian Brohm, passing for 366 yards and two touchdowns. However, Wildcats’ quarterback Andre Woodson threw four touchdowns and most importantly earned the win.

Brohm’s numbers are consistent and maintaining, however with the loss, his Heisman may have went up in a haze of blue.

Sunshine Scare: Thanks to Jamaal Charles’ 46-yard touchdown run in the fourth, Texas dodged an upset bid by UCF, 35-32.

And finally… Duke’s 20-14 win over Northwestern ended the Blue Devil’s 22-game losing streak and officially snatches the ‘whipping boy’ tag off of them. Florida International now has it with a losing streak of 16.


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