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Charlie Frye plus Pittsburgh resulted in a Week 1 loss for the Cleveland Browns.

Derek Anderson plus the Cincinnati Bengals resulted in an offensive explosion by both teams as the Browns stun the Bengals, 51-45.

The two teams combined for a total of 1,085 yards of offense, 11 touchdowns through the air (Carson Palmer 401 yards, 6 TDs; Anderson 328, 5 TDs), a 200-yard rusher (Jamal Lewis 215) and a 200-yard receiver (Chad Johnson 209, 2 TDs).

A Texas size first: The Houston Texans went to Charlotte Sunday and outplayed the Panthers, beating them 34-21. It is the first time in team history that the Texans began 2-0.

The Texans’ organization took a lot of heat for their draft a year ago by not taking neither Vince Young or Reggie Bush. However, Mario Williams is looking like a player (forced a fumble and a touchdown in Week 1) and they got their quarterback of the future from the Falcons in Matt Schaub (20-for-28 227 yards and 2 TDs).

Two and counting: Was Kitna on to something?

Detriot is now 2-0 after their 20-17 victory over the Vikings in overtime.

Patriots Reign: New England’s 38-14 win over the Chargers proved to everyone amid the ‘cheating’ that they are the best team in the league…PERIOD.

Indy, the lens is on you.


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