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Pat and Charley at the NFL Combine

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If you can walk a mile in my shoes, you’ll be crazy too with nothing to lose.

Pat: “What are you listening to?”

Charley: “Tupac.”

Pat: “What are you getting hype about?”

Charley: “Don’t you know? The 40 is next.”

Pat: “We’ve been here all week; going to this and that. Doing one drill after another — sometimes it becomes a blur.”

Charley: “And speaking of blurs, did you just see what Chris Johnson of East Carolina run? A 4.24?”

Pat: “Whoa!”

Charley: ” He’s a lightweight. He’s what, 5’11, 195 pounds? He’s suppose to run that fast. But we’re carrying 6’2, 210. Nobody will see it coming.”

Pat: “You ready?”

Charley: “Oh yeah.”

4.33 seconds later…

Charley: “That should shut people up — everyone who questioned our off-the-field behavior.”

Pat: “Are you talking about the incident that one night?”

Charley: “What else? Everyone wants to speculate what happen that night at the club. Yeah, Darren went because I remember wearing our best casual wear. Remember Pat?”

Pat: “Yeah.”

Charley: “But I didn’t see a fight. I don’t remember seeing or doing anything out of the ordinary. Do you?”

Pat: “How could we from down here?”


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