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Finding out Kelly’s verdict was life imitating art

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Huey Freeman said in Episode 2 of the first season of The Boondocks, subsequently titled ‘The Trial of Robert Kelly,’ “Mr. Dubois, are you fully aware the extent that niggas love R. Kelly?”

Aaron McGruder (the creator of The Boondocks) may not be Nostradamus but he was on point with that episode.

Friday a jury found Robert Kelly innocent of 14 counts of child pornography, sparing him 15 years of prison and making McGruder look prophetic.

For those who have never seen this episode of The Boondocks, R. Kelly, with all of the evidence mounted against him (including footage from the tape) was still found ‘not guilty’ by a jury of mostly blacks. It took six years from the release of Kel’s famous on-camera urination exhibition to this moment when he was indeed found not guilty.

“We all know the nigga can sing,” Huey said. “But what happen to standards?”

Standards of celebrity trials had been set with precedents like O.J., Michael Jackson and Kobe. Kelly’s verdict is just another in a long list of celebrities who were found to not have done anything. But we should, as black folks, take the verdict as a grain of salt. There were witnesses (besides the camera) and the one person who could have made the difference — the female urinal — did not testify.

So it was his word against a “grainy” tape. And who would you believe? The piped-piper of R&B or your own eyes?

“Want to help R. Kelly? Get the man some counseling … but don’t pretend the man’s a hero,” said Huey.

At the end of the episode, Kel’s threw an impromptu concert in the courthouse. Fitting, because he danced his way to freedom.

It’s amazing how life imitates art.


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