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The Black Man Manifesto: An introspective, pt. 1

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I am not a Ph.D.

However, I do believe that I am an intellectual. I analyze black history, black people — us — to try to understand why we do what we do and maybe as a collective being try to reverse the trends that has negatively impacted our community.

The question that seems to always arise is why do men — black men — do what they do. As human being, we do things because it is simply human nature. We carry guns because of protection; we scream, jump and our hearts speed up when we are frighten because of the psychological aspect of fright.

Until hours before the writing of this piece, I could not come up with a reasonable reason why I do what I do. Indecision — my inability to be satsified — is the best, the only way I can explain it. I could never make up my mind on dinner, whether I should buy one movie over another, I have a job — a “career” — but don’t like it. I don’t know what to do next — whether to stay a sports journalist or move on to news — I’m unsatsified with the pay and with my inability to not know what’s next, to not not be satisified.

We all have flaws. That’s also a human characteristic — even Adam disobeyed God. No one is expected to be perfect but we have to curb our flaws so they do not become destrcutive. And we — as a people — are becoming destructive. From murders, to AIDS to wedlock children, eac element another form of destruction to the African American people.

Continues in part 2


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