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Best of both worlds … sort of

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Lil Wayne has become hip-hop's biggest name to sports newest son

Lil Wayne has become hip-hop's biggest name to sports newest son


Jay-Z has stock with the New Jersey Nets.  Usher employs LeBron and his Cleveland Cavaliers teammates.  Weezy has become a member of the world’s largest sports and entertainment media.

Music and sports go together like fish and tartar sauce from athletes turned rappers to music being played over PA systems in arenas and stadiums across the planet but never has the two emerged like this.

“I feel big, ya know what I mean?  Like not big in the sense of weight, you know what I mean like gaining weight.”

When Lil Wayne penned that for the track ‘Mr. Carter’ for his album The Carter III he didn’t know that he would be ESPN big.  When Lil Wayne made his appearence on ESPN’s 1st and 10 on Tuesday, Jan. 6, it officially made him – official as a legit sports “expert.”

Lil Wayne has been a regular blogger for ‘ESPNTheMag Daily’ on for months.  In his Nov. 18 blog, Wayne wrote:

“I hate the BCS and it’s really getting ridiculous this year.  They need to have some kind of a playoff or a tournament or something cause it’s not fair.”

A week later — on the 26th — he wrote: “I don’t think the Pacman Jones situation is sad at all … If I was the commissioner, I’d kick him out.”

In answering a question from a fan in West Virginia about the Dallas Cowboys on Dec. 16, Wayne answered: “The NFL is going to have to move on because America’s team ain’t making the playoffs.”

Want to know who’s going to win the BCS National Championship? Weezy has an answer for you, that he wrote in the Jan. 12 issue of The Mag.

“For weeks I’ve been telling — no screaming at — anyone who will listen that the Gators are gonna win the national title. Why? Because they are the best team.”

It’s not just football for Lil Wayne.  Look what he said about the MLB on Dec. 11.

“These baseball meetings have been very interesting because of the effect the economy is having on teams not wanting to give guys five and six year deals.”

So when Lil Wayen appeared on 1st and 10 to debate topics with Skip Bayless he was ready — and pretty good.  With his dreads tied back and wearing specs, Weezy cracked jokes about Chargers running back Darren Sproles; “He’s in my pocket,” and how trash talking Tim Tebow will affect the former Heisman Trophy winner.

Lil Wayne has professed to being the best rapper alive (a repetitive chant at the end of his track ‘Let the beat Build’) but:

“And the next time you mention Pac, Biggie or Jay-Z, don’t forget Weezy baby!”

He forgot to say — Stephen A.


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