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A Dream referred … A new look at James’ commercial

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LeBron James made one of the most important decisions in his life — to end his affiliation with the NBA to chase his first love — football.  James announced that he will play for the Cleveland Browns.

O.K., it was all a dream, created by the creative team at State Farm.  State Farm — in conjuction with the NFL —  recently released a commercial were LeBron dreams about a dominance in the NFL similar to what he’s currently doing in the Association (which is 28 points, 7.4 rebounds, 6.9 assists and 2.02 steals per game quantify) that brought up the debate on whether or not could he play in the NFL and how effective he would be.

Even on the field, LeBron was outleaping opponents for the ball
Even on the field, LeBron was outleaping opponents for the ball

James is listed at 6’8, 250 pounds.  He can leap out of the gym – or stadium – and is quick off the dribble. Most importantly, and unlike Kobe Bryant who said he’ll be (Randy) Mossing it, LeBron actually played football in high school where he was First team All-State (Ohio) as a sophomore and had 52 receptions for over 1,000 yards and caught 15 touchdowns as a junior.  LeBron would be a beast on the gridiron.

Much like another NBA super-star.  When Michael Vick came into the NFL, the league never seen anyone as dynamic as an athlete as he was.  But before there was Vick, there was The Answer.  Allen Iverson was Vick before Vick was Vick.  Iverson may in fact had been better.
As a high schooler at Bethal High in Hampton, Va., Iverson was sick on the football field, leading his school to a state title as a quarterback as a juinor.  Only an arrest in 1993 after a fight at a bowling alley possibly kept A.I. from becoming Vick (before the prison sentence).
LeBron’s commercial will go down in history like Iverson’s football prowess — classic.

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