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A service announcement from No.23

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This is a public service announcement from LBJ to all of his haters out there — now what?

All of the time, I hear sports media pundits say that I don’t take the last shot, that I’ll rather defer to a teammate than to shoot the ball when my team needs it most.

I caught flack as recently as Wednesday night when I passed off to an open Delonte West — an OPEN West — who unfortnatuely missed the 3-pointer with five seconds left that would have won us Game 1 of the Eastern Conference finals against the Orlando Magic.  How easily did they dismiss the franchise playoff record 49 points on 20-of-30 shooting and eight assists.  How easily they can dismiss the 35 point and seven assist playoff averages.

This shot should silence critics who say that LeBron James can not make the big shots. (AP Photo/David Richard)

This shot should silence critics who say that LeBron James can not make the baskets when needed most. (AP Photo/David Richard, courtsey of

So, I did what I had to do — silence the critics.

We found ourselves down again Friday night, on the verge of going down 0-2 and with only one second left this time around.  There wasn’t time for a drive and dish, it was all on me.  Twenty-three feet of buckets as the clock hits zero as I won the game for my Cavs 96-95 and tying the series at one apeice.

That was the biggest shot I’ve made in my career.*

So for all you naysayers of me, the league MVP, and how I don’t take or make the game winners — now what?

LeBron James, Cleveland Cavaliers #23

*Quote courtesy of the Associated Press



  1. Rob Diesel says:

    If they don’t win the series it won’t matter!!!

  2. charris says:

    Actually it does. What the shot did was make LeBron G R E A T. Even if they don’t win the series, how long do you believe it will take before they will (has anyone seen how trashy the East is?)? So, the legend is set.

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