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Monday, July 20 was a good night for primetime television for me who spends many hours in front of the “idiot box.”  From the premiere show of a former Dallas Cowboy to the season finale of his replacement to a high school prom, Monday was good.

The triple feature began on HBO with ‘Prom Night in Mississippi,’ a documentary about the desegregation of a high school prom in Charleston, Miss.  Since the turn of the century, Charleston High has had segregated proms.  Even after the school began allowing black and white students to take classes together, the prom remained segregated.

Black and white students dance together at Charleston High School's first intergrated prom. Photo courtesy Emerging Pictures

Black and white students dance together at Charleston High School's first intergrated prom. Photo courtesy Emerging Pictures

Charleston’s most famous alumnus Morgan Freeman stepped in.  He offered to flip the bill of the cost of the prom only if the students agreed to have an intergrated prom.  What the documentary showed is that you can’t teach an old dog new tricks.  There were still some white parents against the integrated prom — so much so that there was still a prom just for the white kids.

The documentary intertwined student “diaries” with adult commentary to show the generational differences of thoughts towards race relations in the town.

Unfortunately, I didn’t get the chance to see the conclusion of ‘Prom Night in Mississippi’ because I had to tune into the season finale of ‘4th and Long.’

‘4th and Long’ was a reality show that began with 12 prospects all vying for a spot on the 2009 Cowboys’ roster.  With Michael Irvin “hosting,” the prospects went through crueling workouts all for the purpose to break them. (Like the 10 120 yards the prospects had to run in the first episode, causing plenty of vomiting.)

Six defensive backs and six wide receivers were trimmed down to four, then three for Monday’s finale.  In the end, a wide receiver was chosen — Jesse Holley, former UNC two-sport athlete.  It is only fitting because who else does the Cowboys have to catch a pass besides Roy Williams.

Since the ‘Boys did let Terrell Owens go …

Whose show premiered on VH1 Monday — ‘The T.O. Show.’  I had to catch the midnight airing because of time conflict with ‘4th and Long’ but I’m glad I did — I loved it!

Like a true rock star, Owens went out to Los Angeles (per publist request) and partied at a club, brought it back to his house (which this same publist got pissed about) and then sexed down the fine ass real estate agent who loaned him his LA home.   All of this before a quiet meeting with his ex-fiance Felicia.

Monday’s TV dinner filled me up quite nicely.



  1. Rob Diesel says:

    I’ve been keeping up with 4th and long. I thought Holley would win. His size was to much for them.

    I also caught the T.O. show. It was okay. I know most of it was scripted though. For example, the real estate agent came out of a casting call. His publicists are already getting on my nerves (Haters). Show could be funnier with more banter b/w other NFL players. All NFL players have money and shouldn’t have a problem picking up girls. I know T.O. can be more original than that. Best part of the show is when he described his meeting with Jerry Jones. One of the few real moments of the whole thing!

  2. charris says:

    Didn’t think about it but I believe that is the whole point. Besides, the way “reality” TV is nowadays as being so big, don’t you believe that MOST so-called reality TV is scripted? You have to take them for what they are — entertainment.

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