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Vick paid his dues — except to Goodell

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The lesson first.

Michael Vick was officially released from the federal prison system on July 20.  With his sentence complete, the United States has said that Vick has paid his debt to society — however NFL commissioner Roger Goodell isn’t the society.

The consensus report is that Vick will be reinstated back into the NFL for the upcoming season but he may have to serve a suspension for two to six weeks.  That’s an additional two to six weeks added on to the two years he has already served.

WTF?  Isn’t that double jeopardy?  You can’t punish someone twice for the same crime.  It appears that Goodell will.

It is ridiculous to have Vick continue with his suspension  Two seasons is enough — what does Goodell want from Vick anyway?  For him to go around kissing dogs in the mouth?

If Goodell want Vick to prove himself, let him do it on the field, sooner rather than later. 

And despite what owners say, Vick will land a job faster than sports pundits believe.  Here are six teams in dire need of a quaterback.

  1. 49ers :  Coach Mike Singletary said that he’ll take Vick and he’ll be the perfect authority figure for him. 
    Singletary made headlines last season for sending TE Vernon Davis to the locker room during a game. Tough love may do Vick some good.

    Singletary made headlines last season for sending TE Vernon Davis to the locker room during a game. Tough love may do Vick some good.

    Singletary is hard, stern and won’t take any stuff from anyone (ask Vernon Davis).  He would be what John Thompson was to Allen Iverson.  And it helps that neither Alex Smith or Shaun Hill can’t QB worth a lick.

  2. Raiders: They have an aging Jeff Garcia battling with an unproving Jamarcus Russell.  Vick will be able to easily compete for the job.
  3. Buccaneers: Although the Bucs drafted a QB and has Byron Leftwich, they can still use someone.
  4. Dolphins: Only because of the success of the ‘Wildcat’ formation will the Dolphins work.
  5. Lions: Yes they drafted Matthew Stafford and yes they also have Daunte Culpepper but seriously, they went 0-16 last season.  Who are they to say no to help?
  6. Panthers: Carolina fans won’t admit it (Rob Diesel) but Vick will actually make their offense — at least the running game — the very best in the league.  With Williams, Stewart and Vick in the back field together, that could be a great trio.  And if Vick still has his arm, he could always launch it down field to Steve Smith.  Besides, what other options do they have?


  1. Rob Diesel says:

    I have never been a big Vick fan but he has definitely paid his debt to society. He should be allowed to play right away. Leonard Little and Donte Stallworth both killed people while intoxicated and did 28 days of jail time between them. It was just dogs commish, get over it.

    I would love to see Vick in Carolina. Delhomme stinks and needs competition. He is holding our offense back.

    You better recognize!!

  2. Foepletmype says:

    Amazing – kinda cool subject. I am goin to write about it likewise!!

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