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Fraser wins women’s 100-meter world title

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The second night of the 2009 IAAF Track and Field World Championships saw Usai Bolt blast into history while night three Shelly-Ann Fraser blast out of the blocks to another Jamaican 100-meter championship.

Oliver Lang/AFP/Getty Images)

Jamaican Shelly-Ann Fraser outleans teammate Kerron Stewart at the finish for the 100-meter world women's title. (Photo courtesy of Oliver Lang/AFP/Getty Images)


Fraser launched out of the blocks and in her best Bolt imitation, ran away from the competition to take gold in the women’s 100 in Berlin to become the second Jamaican woman to do so. 

“I wanted to win, I made a perfect start and then executed well,” said Frasor as reported by Karlos Grohmann of Reuters.  “The victory is no surprise to me and the time of 10.73 neither.”

Winning the world title in jet propulsion style mirrors Bolt more than just because she won the worlds but because Frasor — like Bolt — also won the Olympic 100 in dominating fashion. 

People may have forgotten that Frasor’s margin of victory in the Olympics was by .20 seconds.  Monday night, although the margin was closer — .02 seconds — the time was still impressive.

Fraser’s time Monday was 10.73 seconds, a .05 second increase from Beijing and tied for the third fastest time by a woman in history with Christine Arron of France.  Only world record holder Florence Griffith-Joyner (10.49) and Marion Jones (10.65) is faster.

And just like the men, with second place finisher fellow Jamaican Kerron Stewart’s 10.75 and third place finisher American Carmelita Jeter’s 10.90 made the race the fastest women’s final of all-time.

Only in Jamaica is being a fast woman a good thing.


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