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Voltron (the novel)

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Editor’s Note: Voltron – Defender of the Universe was a Japanese animated Television series which aired in syndication from September 10, 1984 to November 18, 1985.  Atlas Entertainment recently announced that they will be soon moving forward with a Voltron live-action film.  Following is the first of a planned three excerpts from the unfinished novelization of Voltron being written by me. 

-On the cusp of an alien invasion of earth, five Air Force pilots stumble upon an ancient mystery within the Aztec language about five lions that if combined, would form a giant creature — Voltron.  It becomes a race against time to unlock the mystery of Voltron and save earth from impending doom.

“This can very well be the apocalypse,” says Hunk.

All of them are so transfixed on the space ship hovering above them that they did not notice that Pidge’s attention had shifted elsewhere and that he had gone back into the house.  They didn’t know he had gone back in until he calls for Allura.  They all go back into the house.

Pidge is in his usual place — the study — sitting behind the desk.  There is a book open in front of him.

“Allura read this for me.  I can kinda understand the pictographs, but the writing is in Na’huatl.”

Allura looks over Pidge’s shoulder while Keith, Lance, Hunk and Sven stand around behind them in a circle.

“It reads that lions are the guardians of the horizons…”

Keith interrupts.  “Lions?  Isn’t that more of an Egyptian culture?”

“It’s not unusual to see different cultures and civilizations blend,” answers Pidge.  “The United States is a prime example of that.  Since you all are the melting pot of the world.”

Allura looks back and forth at Pidge and Keith.  She clears her throat to return the attention back to her.

“Continuing on.  It also talks about a mythic being, a creature created by combing five lion guardians that are powered by earth’s elements — wind, water, fire earth and lightening.  This being is believed to be the supreme defender of the Universe — a being called Voltron.”

No one says anything for a few minutes.  Lance breaks the silence.

“This is just a legend right?  Like the Greek Gods, like Zeus.  I mean there are stories like these in all ancient cultures; what is so special about this one?”

“There is a map,” Pidge says pointing down to the page.  “I’m pretty sure that this is a map showing the locations of the five lions.  Do you agree Allura?”

Allura examines the drawing and reads to herself the words around it.

“Yes Pidge it is a map.”

“Let’s go find them,” suggests Pidge.



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  1. charris says:

    Leave your comments and tell me what you think of both the concept and what you’ve read so far.

    Would you like to read more from the story?

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