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Editor’s Note: Voltron – Defender of the Universe was a Japanese animated Television series which aired in syndication from September 10, 1984 to November 18, 1985.  Following is the second of a planned three excerpts from the unfinished novelization of Voltron being written by me. 

No one on the street see the lions first — they hear the explosions from the space ship.  It is loud and it reverbrates throughout the city.  And if they did see a lion, it would have been red.

Lance was the first to release his lion from its sleep, blasting its way through the volcano’s vent and erupting from the earth like lava.  The red lion blasts through the UFO, puncturing a hole into it like the size of a well developed tornado. 


Further away, the middle of Lake Texcoco spits out Sven and the blue lion like the whale did Jonah.  It too smashes through the space ship on its ascent.  The hole it causes allows the sun shine completely through, the light beaming onto the earth like a spotlight.

In the low mountains, a dirt cloud is seen growing larger with each passing moment.  A rumble is accompanied with the cloud as the green lion runs across the land like a newly-freed animal.  With its metallic tail taunt behind it, its four metallic legs churning away on the landscape.  After covering a few miles it pauses, its head looks up as …

The black lion dives through the space ship and lands beside it.

“Have anyone heard from Hunk?” Keith asks over the lions’ communication system.

“No,” Sven answers as the blue lion touches down next to the black lion.

“Me neither,” replies Lance as another hole explodes from the ship as the red lion lands with a little trot.

“Pidge go find Hunk.  Us three will begin work on the UFO,” commands Keith.

“Roger that,” answers Pidge.

The green lion begins running again, moving like the king of beasts after its prey.  The other three lions crouch down and leap upward, flying right through the space ship.


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