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Voltron — the final excerpt

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Editor’s Note: Voltron – Defender of the Universe was a Japanese animated Television series which aired in syndication from September 10, 1984 to November 18, 1985.  Following is the final of three excerpts from the now complete novelization of Voltron being written by me. 

Hunk’s voice snaps Keith out of his daze.  He blinks five times, first to wake up then to make sure he is actually looking at what he’s looking at.  They are flying straight toward the mothership and nothing could have prepared them for the sheer magnitude, the sheer enormity of the ship.

“It’s like space itself,” Sven says.  “It is like bigger than space itself.”

“Galactus.”  It is Pidge.

“Who or what are you talking about?”  asks Lance.

“Galactus, the devourer of planets.  He’s a comic book character,” explains Pidge.

“Pull up, pull up!”

The black lion sharply turns upward, barely missing plowing into the side of it.  The other four lions follow suite, each one barely missing flying head long into it.  voltron1

“What’re we gonna do Keith?  The ship is too massive for us to take on individually,” Hunk questions. 

“Let’s form Voltron,” suggests Pidge.

The black lion flips backwards ending its ascent.  The yellow, green, blue and red lions flip backwards and barrel rolls straight.  They all put space between them and the mothership.

“Activate interlock,” Keith begins as he grabs and turns a handle next to the footwell.  “Dynatherms connected, infracells up, megathrusthers are go.”

An electromagnetic energy draws the lions into formation automatically and then into phase one of the transformation.  Connected by a web of electromagnetic waves, the lions fly into a triangle with the black lion at the top, followed by the red lion to the right, the green lion to the left, with the blue lion bottom right and the yellow lion bottom left.  The blue, red, yellow and green lions draw their legs into their bodies, the black lion’s forelegs rotates to its back while its hind legs dangle down.

Phase two begins with the muzzles of both the blue and yellow lions bend outwards and then sliding onto the dangling legs of the black lion, forming feet and legs.  The electromagnetic pull draws the red and green lions into slots left by the black lion’s forelegs to form arms and body.  Phase three — the head appears from the mouth of the black lion.  Voltron’s transformation is complete.


With less than halfway to go, Voltron flies up above the ship and pauses in mid-air.  It clasps its hands together, causing a spark.  From that spark, a sword is formed from which Voltron wields in its right hand.  It comes down with the sword, slicing the ship in halves — Voltron comes back around and slices the ship in fourths.


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