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“Behind the Music” is VH1’s last great contribution

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In the era of celebreality, VH1 has been leading the charge in showing America what bad TV is.

VH1 began in 1985 as an alternative to MTV for an older demographic to watch the ‘softer’ side of popular music.  But oh how that has changed.  I don’t know when the last time I’ve watched an actual music video on VH1.

Turning to VH1 nowadays is like turning to see one long ‘When celebrities go broke’ program with the subtext: “I love Money.”  All of VH1’s celebreality shows deal with either/or, resurrecting Flavor Flav’s career and showing just how much women love money.  Looking at the lineup you see one common thread — defunct celebrities, money and women.

Strange Love, Flavor of Love, I Love New York, I  Love Money, Real Chance of Love, The Surreal Life and Hogan knows Best.  With so much trash that VH1 throw out at us, it gets lost that VH1 can produce something great.

Behind the Music is the last great show left on VH1 (along with the “I Love the …  series).  The show began in 1997 and have featured everyone from Cher to Natalie Cole to Sting to the late Notorious B.I.G.  The new season began on Sept. 10 with Lil’ Wayne.  After watching Bobby Brown’s episode Thursday, I now know that VH1 can be saved.

Until the new season of Flavor of Love is aired.


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