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Blurred line between fantasy and reality

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I stumbled upon this story and tried my best to find something to write.  Unfortunately, I don’t have many words to fill a lot of this up.  So, all I have is the video report but I do have a few thoughts before you view the clip.

Society has a way to blame every thing for everything that goes on in our communities — especially when it affects the youths.  There are government hearings to try to ban rap music and videos that degrade women, gang members-turned-rappers being banned from concerts and lyrics about guns.  However, sex is touchy.

On Jamie Foxx’s first album Unpredictable, his song “Three Letter Word,” Foxx sang:  Sex, all the time…Sex, on my mind…Sex, everywhere I go…It’s getting to the point where I watch it on TV, when I buy DVDs. The song basically shows that you can’t avoid sex — it’s around you constantly. From magazines to TVs to right down to the movies you buy.  Because sex sells, so it gets hushed.

Sex has corrupted minds to the point that has blurred the line between what’s fantasy and what’s reality.  In the street vernacular it’s called ‘running the train.’  In the pornographic community, it is known as a gang bang.  For the rest of society, it is simply a gang rape.  One act, three different ideas.  For a lot of people, it’s their fantasy to perform a gang bang on a female — or to ‘run the train.’  But the reality is that this fantasy can get you prison time.

While listening to this story of a teenage girl getting gang raped at a school dance in Richmond, Cali., I wasn’t a bit surprised to hear that there were at least 10 people there watching (and some who participated) and none of them reported the act to the authorities.  Why would they? It’s a fantasy right? Don’t most men want to ‘run a train’ on a female? Aren’t there women out there who want to have sex with multiple men at the same time?

Despite the fact the girl was underage drinking, the blame doesn’t fall on the victim or the assailants — but on society’s insatiable lust of sex.  It is why we don’t know the difference — that one man’s fantasy is another man’s rape.


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