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Sins of the mother

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This story touches close to home.

Fayetteville, N.C. — home of Fayetteville State University but better known as the home of Fort Bragg.  It is also roughly an hour northwest from my hometown.

On Tuesday of this past week, a 5-year-old girl was reported missing.  Shaniya Davis was abducted from her mother’s home some time between five and six o’clock in the morning.  Her blanket was reported to have been found in a


5-year-old Shaniya Davis was abducted from her home on Tuesday, Nov. 10. She was found dead on Monday, Nov. 16.

neighbor’s trash bin hours later with feces on it.

An arrest was made Friday when Shaniya was seen on a hotel surveillance video in the arms of Mario Andrette McNeill.  McNeill admitted to the kidnapping but said that he will plead not guilty in court.

Which brings us to Saturday night and the arrest of Antoinette Davis, Shaniya’s mother.  Davis is being charged with child abuse involving prostitution for ‘knowingly providing Shaniya with the intent that she be held in sexual servitude,’ permitted an act of prostitution and filing a false police report, according to ‘The Fayetteville Observer.’

Shaniya’s body was found Monday.

The circumstances of this case is sad.  A mother, according to Shaniya’s father Bradley Lockhart (a white man), who dealt with money issues only had Shaniya for a month before she seemingly sold her off to the black market.  Lockhart told the Associated Press that he raised Shaniya until recently.

Lockhart also said that his relationship with Davis was just a “one-night stand.”

The case is upsetting because some fundamental issues that effects our culture is on display here.  Davis, who is 25, was never fit to be a mother, her actions prove that she never wanted her child.  Davis only had Shaniya for a short while before putting her into the world that may or may not have helped Davis get back on her feet.

Girl Disappears

Antoinette Nicole Davis, the mother of Shaniya, is charged with the disappearance of her daughter.

Money and prostitution became Davis’ trade (possibly) — a vice so powerful that she subjected her own 5-year-old daughter into the business.

And what about Lockhart, who admitted that it was only a one-night stand?  I question his motives.  I question his logic.  He knew what type of woman Davis is/where before he decided to run up in it raw dog so why did he ‘co-sign’ to her having Shaniya?  Why wouldn’t either one wanted an abortion?  Is there more to his that he isn’t telling?

As human beings, we are not suppose to pass judgment about people.  We are told to let the justice system determine the fate of individuals.  We, as human beings, have a moral standing within ourselves from which we live our lives daily.  When stories such as Shaniya’s appear in the news, you can’t help but to judge the people involved with such acts.  You can’t help but to question how can a mother be so inept at motherhood that she would sell her own child away for sex and money?

As we pray for the family of Shaniya,  as they start their healing process, we have to cast an evil eye on Miss Davis (and Mr. Lockhart?) for the rape of innocence.  It’s not me to say what Antoinette Davis deserves (if of course she is found liable) for what she has done to her daughter but we could only hope that the price is well deserved.

No matter how horrible it may be.


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