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Dominance by any other name is Griner

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The most dominating force in college basketball may not be who you think they are.

OK, I’ll concede that Kentucky’s freshman John Wall is a beast. The 6-foot-4 inch Raleigh, N.C.,  native who was spurned by Roy Williams and the Tar Heels, is averaging 17.2 points per game and has dished out 102 assists in 14 games. He has four 20 point games, including 25 against UConn were he went 10-for-16 from the floor.  Wall has led No. 3 Kentucky to an unbeaten 15-0 record.

John Wall maybe an unstoppable force, but he may not even be the best player in his class.

Wall simply can’t be stopped — in the purest sense of the word. However, another freshman in the country is a ‘MONSTER,’ in every sense of the word and they is a ‘SHE.’

Baylor’s freshman Brittney Griner may in fact be more dominating than her male counterpart. Standing 6-foot-8 inches, she’s going to be taller then most players in the women’s game, making her an intimidating force in the middle. Through 14 games, (the same as Wall), Griner is averaging 19.6 points per, including a 34-point output against Oral Roberts were the Bears scored 101 points. She is averaging nine rebounds per, leading the team in the category six times including a 13 rebound effort against — Oral Roberts.

The number that will blow your mind is 88 — that’s the number of blocks she has already — through 14 GAMES!! And want more? Griner’s 7-foot-4 inch wingspan allows her to dunk with ease, which she did 52 times in high school according to her bio on and three times already this season, twice in fifth-ranked Baylor’s 99-18 waxing of Texas State Saturday.

Wall maybe the hands down best player in college basketball — but he’s still looking up to Griner.



  1. Rob Diesel says:

    Man, I’ll post her up, drop step with the two hand dunk finish!! lol I saw her on sportscenter when she dunked in one of her games.

  2. Yeah, I saw her on SportCenter when she was in high school. I didn’t realize she was in college this year.

  3. Chris says:

    I can’t really say if I remember hearing about her in high school. (I want to say yes but not with a strong conviction.) I haven’t been paying much attention to women’s basketball this season — since in all honesty it’s UConn and everyone else.

    Tina Charles of UConn is still pound for pound the best in women’s college basketball. But Griner maybe not be far behind.

  4. […] ranks her second in history (behind Alison Bales’ 30). But I’ve already praised Griner here so I won’t do it again. This time I’m giving the whole team some […]

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