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Safe abandonment

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The Associated Press moved a story yesterday about a 24-year-old white woman in California who was arrested for dumping her newborn baby girl in a dumpster after giving birth to her at a party.

The baby, who weighed six pounds, was found by trash collectors blocks away from a fire station where unwanted babies can be surrendered.

This is the first time that I’ve heard of The Safely Surrendered Baby Law that was passed in 2001 — a law that allow parents to give up their babies without fear of prosecution at designated locations, such as hospitals and fire stations.

It was also reported that through the end of ’09, there have been a total of 331 babies surrendered to authorities (in California), while another 151 have been left to fend for their own. The executive director of LA county Inter-Agency Council on Abuse and Neglect, Deanne Tilton-Durfee, was reported by the AP as saying that the women who most abandon their children are teens and older women [who no longer can afford any more children].

Babies are the most precious gifts that humans can create. However, those who arrive unwanted many times are abandoned.

The states that include the law are: Georgia, Maryland, New Jersey, New York, North and South Carolina and Tennessee to name a few.

There are mothers out there who would tell me that I could not understand the emotional, physical and mental turmoil that giving birth have. They would tell me that I can not understand what a woman goes through. And my answer to them is that I’m more in tune than you believe.

I believe in ‘pro-choice.’ There are situations when an abortion is warranted. (Like a rape victim.) If a woman chooses to carry the baby to full term and then give them up for adoption, I’m for that too. But tossing a baby away like a hamburger wrapper I can’t tolerate.

There are a lot of unplanned circumstances that could occur in every day life. Pregnancies are one of those things that you plan NOT to have. Condoms, birth control and abstinence are there to prevent unwanted pregnancies but if you have sex without protection, well the pregnancy wasn’t not unplanned.

Unwanted pregnancies does not make abandoning a baby justifiable. If you don’t want a baby, you shouldn’t open your legs.


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