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The evolution of speed: the world fastest humans

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For the past two years, the globe has been witnessed to the future.

The future of human genetics, the future of human athletics, the future of human speed. Usain Bolt has shown everyone just how fast the human body, with the perfect genetical anatomy,  can travel over land without the use of wheels.

As a leading authority of track and field, I want to offer a list of the fastest humans ever to run on the planet. For the entire list, click here.

Will anyone ever run faster than Usain Bolt? The quick answer is NOPE.

5) Tommie Smith: Most people know Tommie Smith from his gloved fist salute on the medal stand in Mexico City. But what many may not know is that he set seven individual world records during his career.

4) Justin Gatlin: Before a doping suspension took four years of his career away from him, Gatlin was the fastest man in the world. He won six consecutive NCAA titles — in TWO seasons — as a collegian and tied the world record of 9.77 in 2006. He’s eligible to return to track and field in July.

3) Tyson Gay: If it wasn’t for Bolt, Gay would be the world’s fastest human. Gay’s 9.69 is second only to Bolt and is a new American record and his 19.58 200-meters is third fastest ever. He recently became the first sprinter ever to run under 10 seconds in the 100, 20 seconds in the 200 and 45 seconds in the 400.

2) Jesse Owens: Owens won the Berlin Games, the 100 in 10.3 and the 200 in 20.7. Not impressive times until you consider that they were ran in 1936 in dirt. You put Owens on a synthetic track, with blocks, weight training and lighter spikes, he would easily run under a 9.7.

1) Usain Bolt: 9.58 100; 19.19 200; 14.35 150 — all world records. No one has ran faster and probably never will. EVER!


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