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Club ONYX Atlanta

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ATLANTA  Being a single 27-year-old black male without children and legitimate steady income definitely has it perks. You can be selfish, the only responsibility  is to yourself and you can spend your money the way you want without worrying about it being taken away from the family.

A weekend excursion with my brother that began in J-Ville (that’s Jacksonville, Duval County) Florida ended in the new Harlem, the black capital of the South — Atlanta — for mainly one reason, the strip clubs.

Strip clubs are as synonymous to the ATL as S0-So Def, Outkast and Ludacris. With over 30 strip clubs to chose from, it’s the next closes thing to going to Rio de Janeiro. Despite hip-hop’s infatuation with Magic City (the group 2XL dedicated an entire song about the club) and other popular spots like Strokers and Pleasers, we hit up four year old Onyx at 1888 Cheshire Bridge Road, which its early success sparked a rivalry that resulted in arson arrests.

A day time view of the outside of Club Onyx in Atlanta.

I was predisposed by reading Atlanta Strip on what to expect but I didn’t expect what I got and that can be described in one word … DAMN!

We arrived early enough to Onyx to beat the late night rush. This actually made the club quiet and chill. After two games of pool (which cost us a $1.50 per) we sat down at a table, placed an order of wings (which was $15 wasted) and within minutes our first set of dancers arrived. These weren’t table dances, they were fully nude lap dances — FULLY NUDE lap dances.

I will not disclose the amount of money I spent or the details of the dancers but only to say that they are bangin’, friendly and professional. Onyx has a rating of 4 1/2 out of 5 stars on Atlanta Strip and I have to agree whole heartily. It is truly worth the price of admission (which is $10) and every last bit of dollars you hand over or rain down.

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