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Am I the only one who’s happy that the Minnesota Vikings are 0-2?

I have no issues with the Vikings per say. I love Adrian Peterson (more or less), I like Percy Harvin (more or less) and the defense isn’t bad (more or less). So that leaves Brett.

Just like the season, Vikings quarterback Brett Favre is losing a grip on the football. It was one of four turnovers. (Jon SooHoo/NFL)

Call me a Favre hater all you want but I respect what he has done on the field but his hostage-like take on his retirement on the Vikings and the media’s love-hate coverage of him is what makes me salty.

So I was slightly pleased that Favre accounted for all four Vikings’ turnovers (3 INTs and a fumble) in Minnesota’s 14-10 loss to the Miami Dolphins. I’m not naive, I know that Favre won’t have too many more games like that but hopefully it will speed up his retirement — for good this time.

What a big ‘D’isappointment: History will be made this year. The Cowboys will be the first team in NFL history to play the Super Bowl on its own field. I guess everyone BUT the Cowboys got that memo.

After losing to the Chicago Bears 27-20, Dallas drops to 0-2. There are still 14 games to go to turn it around but as bad as they have looked after two weeks, the Cowboys may want to invest in some luxury boxes.

The rest of Week 2 scores:

  • Colts 38, Giants 14: To say that Indy was a little pissed about losing to Houston last week would be an understatement. Manning Bowl II was nothing more than just big brother (Peyton) beating lil’ bro (Eli) ass.
  • Chargers 38, Jaguars 13: Maybe last week’s loss to the Chiefs wasn’t anything more than an aberration.
  • Jets 28, Patriots 14: Congratulations to Randy Moss for reaching 150 touchdowns. Congratulations to the Jets for playing like they are suppose to be.
  • Texans 30, Redskins 27 (OT): Houston’s quarterback Matt Schaub and Washington’s quarterback Donovan McNabb combined for 923 yards passing. Most importantly, the Texans had to comeback for the win. Is Houston a team to be reckon with?
  • Raiders 16, Rams 14: Jason Campbell was benched by Oakland. The next move? Campbell following DeMarcus Russell to the unemployment line.
  • Broncos 31, Seahawks 14: Now, that looks more like the Seattle we’ve come to love.
  • Steelers 19, Titans 11: Who needs a quarterback when a defense is a dominant as Pittsburgh’s?
  • Bengals 15, Ravens 10: Both Baltimore’s defense and offense have something in common. The defense hasn’t allowed an offensive touchdown and the offense haven’t scored many.
  • Eagles 35, Lions 32: Oh yeah, Michael Vick did his thing again.
  • Falcons 41, Cardinals 7
  • Buccaneers 20, Panthers 7: No one saw Tampa Bay beginning the season at 2-0.
  • Chiefs 16, Browns 14: Neither did anyone see Kansas City at 2-0 either.
  • Packers 34, Bills 7: Yes, you can say that Green Bay offense has returned. I’ll say that Buffalo just stinks that bad.
  • Saints 25, 49ers 22: Mike Singletary said in an interview before the game that his team will be the best on the field. Unfortunately,  Drew Brees (28 for 38, 254 yards and 2 TDs) was the best PLAYER on the field.


  1. Chris Ross says:

    Nice post over here, I definitely enjoyed the read! Another really fun week in the NFL world and again we saw a lot of things we expected and things that came out of the blue. I think the Dolphins defense showed a lot in week 2 against Brett Favre and the Vikings. They were able to shut down a team with a supposed potent offense and a made Favre look old once again. Offense wasn’t great but they shwoed enough to get the job done, and after an unimpressive win against Buffalo, they came back strong with an impressive win in Minnesota. Also, you think you could check out my blog because I’d’ love to hear what you think.

  2. Chris says:

    I appreciate that comment and thank you for stopping by. Continue reading and I’ll continue to do my best to bring you quality material.

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