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The Unstoppable One

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I haven’t written anything on the college football season. Mainly, nothing hasn’t been worth while enough to write about — except for Boise State’s continued meteoric rise to elite status.

And … Denard Robinson.


While Denard Robinson puts on a show week after week, everyone else is just hoping to reach his heels. (AP Photo/Darron Cummings)


The Michigan Wolverine quarterback is as close as an unstoppable force that college football has seen in its history. Want to argue that?

Here are the numbers:

  • In five games, Robinson has amassed 1,419 yards of total offense by himself.
  • His 905 yards rushing leads the nation.
  • His QB rating of 180 is third in the nation.
  • He has scored on touchdown runs of 87 yards (against Notre Dame) and 72 yards (against Indiana).
  • He has become the first person in FBS history to both pass and rush for 200 yards TWICE in the same season. (244 passing, 258 rushing against Notre Dame; 277 passing, 217 rushing against Indiana.)

Robinson has put himself so far out in front for the Heisman that it will be a travesty for him to NOT win. (And we have seen travesties — like Chris Weinke’s win over LaDainian Tomlinson in 2000.) And the only thing that will prevent that from happening is his own team.

The Wolverine defense gave up 439 yards of offense to UMass in a game that Michigan barely won 42-37 and 568 yards to the Hoosiers in another game that Michigan escaped 42-35. And with Michigan State, Iowa, Penn State and Ohio State STILL left on the schedule, expect those close calls to become losses.

And when those losses do happen, they will knock Robinson out of the running for the Heisman. And that will be the biggest Heisman farce ever in the game.

But let us all stop in awe and watch one of college football’s greatest offensive forces EVER — because no matter if he wins the Heisman or not, Denard Robinson is TRULY UNSTOPPABLE.


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